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Flight Radar 24
All flights in real time

TOEFL Exam Registration

IELTS Exam Registration

WEP's Practical Guide to Purchasing Flight Tickets
Everything you need to know to get your flights at the best price

100 Things to Do in Australia Before You Die
Here are some places, activities, festivals and other events that are not to be missed in Australia!

Foreign Currency Converter
Determine the exact, day-to-day value of foreign currency compared to any other currency.

Language Level
A language level scale established based on the Common European Framework for Languages (CEFR)
A rubric of preventive treatments and vaccinations per country.
Thanks to this website, accessing your cash from abroad is hassle-free. You simply type in your address and a search engine will indicate the nearest cash machine(s) -- for use with a credit or debit card.
All codes (including ISO, telephone, etc.) listed by country
An online conversion tool for systems of measurement: imperial and metric, temperatures, speed, volume, weight, and more
Locate a country or city in any region of the world on a map.

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